Elle Decor – The 10 most Scintillating Screens

“It pushes the design envelope, but the aluminum tubing is inventive and charming.

“It feels strange to twist this around, but it’s actually easy to move and very practical.

“Think about how often you’ll be moving a screen before you buy it, and how much space it will take up, both open and closed.

“It’s too conventional for me, but it’s convenient, versatile, and playful. If you have naughty party guests, you can cage them in style.”


Elle Decor Magazine, The 10 most Scintillating Screens, by David Collman June 1997, Page 218 and Settling In, February 1997 by Margret Russell, page 156.


Poseidon Screen by Glendon Good


Dionysus Bookcase by Glendon Good